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The story about how EZPetSitter was created

EZPetSitter is a California-based pet sitting scheduling software with in-house customer service, support, and customer training. It’s been revamped from Petsitconnect.com, LLC, and upgraded to the most current design, technology, and user experience.

How it all began

Originally developed in Texas, the Petsitconnect software has been servicing pet sitting and dog walking businesses since 2010. The software became somewhat dated by 2023, and that’s when it had to be replaced with something more current and intuitive. That’s how EZPetSitter was born.

It’s designed and run by Olga Wharton Newman who is also the owner of a Dallas-based pet sitting and dog walking company, DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc. She established her pet sitting business as a solo pet sitter back in 2003, and now she remotely manages 200+ employees with a dedicated scheduling team.

Growing and learning

Managing that many pet sitters and over 7,000 clients would be absolutely impossible without reliable and robust software. As an owner of a pet sitting business, she wasn’t just looking to create software for sale. She was creating the software for her own business realizing that she can’t let her pet sitters or her clients down. Ever. There is no margin for error in this industry. And there is also not much margin to have overhead or to spend countless hours on administrative tasks.

So she automated any process that didn’t require human attention. She has developed logic in the background that would catch discrepancies and automate repetitive tasks. The goal was to minimize the time to manage the schedule. And to not need a full-time human scheduler.

As her pet sitting and dog walking business was organically growing over the years, so were the new features being born and implemented. As she was hiring more employees, she was adding mapping and chat features. As she was adding more new clients, she developed a New Client Queue to manage the onboarding process. As her staff was growing, she needed to track keys and make sure that the right people had the right keys at all times.

Animals everywhere

Long story short, EZPetSitter is a child of many years of growing, learning, and striving to be better. Olga is a very hands-on business owner who is passionate about her work. She’s an entrepreneur at heart dedicating her life to her pet sitting business, her software, and her non-profit, La Jolla Loves Pets Foundation, which is also dedicated to animals. Animals are her passion and the center of everything she does. She’s inseparable from her dog Cali who goes with her everywhere. Her husband and her 4 children are the light of her life.

Her hope is to bring more structure to the pet sitting industry and to give more tools to other pet lovers who strive to run their own successful pet sitting and dog walking companies.